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WTF Element Information

WTF…We Take Filtration to the next level

For years hydraulic users have known that the number one cause of hydraulic component failure is contamination. It has been reported that anywhere from 75%-90% of failures are related to contamination. It has also been proven that 85% of those failures can be solved with proper filtration.

Western Technical Filter offers superior protection from contaminants that can cause costly component failures. Its fiberglass fibers are smaller in diameter, and stronger than those in typical cellulose media to provide much lower restriction. Our media also has greater efficiency and higher capacity. You can always rely on our filter elements to protect your valuable equipment from contamination.

All of our element pass the following ISO tests:
  • β profile -- βx = 75, 200,1000 - ISO 16889
  • Clean DP (low and high visc) - ISO 3968
  • Fluid compatibility - ISO 2943
  • Flow fatigue resistance - ISO 3724
  • Dirt capacity - ISO 16889
  • Collapse pressure - ISO 2941